Sunday, March 1, 2009

VP Joe Biden: Last Chance for Public Education

Vice President Joe Biden has told members of the Delaware teachers' union that the needed money for reform is now available and that this is the last chance for public education. His message in essence is: fix yourselves or die. As reported in the Feb. 28 News Journal:

Vice President Joe Biden asked 150 Delaware teachers Friday evening for help in transforming the nation's public education system.

"I genuinely need your help to make this work because, folks, look at it this way. We've been given all the ammunition. If we shoot and miss, if we squander the opportunity, tell me how long you think it's going to take for another American president to go and ask for more dollars to correct the education system," Biden said to the Delaware State Education Association members....

Citing about $105 billion that is coming to the U.S. Department of Education from the federal stimulus package, Biden said teachers will finally have the means to improve education.

..."The good news is, we have the resources. The bad news is that everyone is watching so we better do this right...,"Biden said.

Spending skeptics have sometimes asked spending proponents: how much? Vice President Biden has now given the answer: The amount in the stimulus package is enough to do the job.

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